reconditorium eximium rerum universalium mutabiliumque

rerum geolocator

Welcome to the RERUM Geolocator hosted by the Research Computing Group at Saint Louis University. This small application creates GeoJSON-LD Points as Web Annotations. You can target any Linked Open Data resource in the world and provide coordinates as supplementary data. This does not affect the original resource nor does it notify the resource owner of the assertion. A UI is provided to see the Points displayed on a Leaflet map.

This application is intended to work within the scope of IIIF and encourages you to target IIIF resources in order to provide then with supplementary geospatial data. This data is meant to assert the CURRENT location, as a geographic point, of the physical object the resource represents (a painting, a book, etc.). In geospatial terms, this assertion will geolocate the resource.

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To learn more about GeoJSON-LD visit GeoJSON-LD on the web.

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